4210 - Wood Revitilizer

4210 - Wood Revitalizer cleans and protects oiled wood floors by providing a protective finish on the surface; it is used for regular cleaning and maintenance. It enhances the beauty of your oiled wood floors by adding essential oils that nourish the wood as you clean.

  • Helps extend the life of your oiled wood floors.
  • Can be used on all types of oiled wood floors.
  • Contains no solvents or hazardous chemicals.
  • Produces a light, pleasant scent.
  • It can be applied by hand with a clean cloth, mop, lambswool, or paint roller – all of which can be washed with soap and water for reuse.
  • Non-flammable/non-combustible
  • Low VOCs
  • Non-hazardous
  • Can ship by air
  • Density lbs./gal - 8.2

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Ready To Use Aerogreen 4210 - Wood Revitilizer

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