Approved and Certified Solutions for Military Aircrafts & Helicopters

Aerogreen specialty cleaners provide the military with sustainable, user-friendly cleaners and degreasers in the air and on the ground.

Addressing the Complexities of Aircraft Cleaning

From stringent regulatory requirements to the diverse materials used in aircraft construction, this cleaning task demands meticulous attention. Balancing the need for thorough cleaning while maintaining the structural integrity of the aircraft poses a challenge.

Ensuring Safety and Efficiency

Military specifications have gone away from using traditional hazardous solvents risks the health of our men and women in uniform and also affects the environment. Approved Aerogreen specialty cleaners provide the military with non-toxic, user-friendly cleaners and degreasers in the air and on the ground.

Aerogreen Cleaners and Degreasers

 Aerogreen specialty cleaners meet or exceed the accepted criteria set forth by the DLA (Defense Logistics Agency). Our products allow for a 95% reduction in VOCs while providing better residue-free cleaning performance than the toxic cleaning solvents they were designed to replace.

Tackling the Multifaceted Demands of Military

 Our team is continuously working towards simplifying the cleaning related tasks to be more efficient and safe.


100% Biodegradable Cleaners

Aerogreen Aircraft-Helicopter Cleaner is a water-based, 100% biodegradable aircraft and helicopter cleaner that removes soils from painted and unpainted surfaces. This cleaner can be diluted with water by brush, foam generator, mop, low-pressure spray, or sponge to remove stubborn soils safely and quickly. The cleaner will remove exhaust residue, oily soot and salts promoting corrosion, and other oxidized organic fluids accumulating on the aircraft's exterior. Certified to: Boeing D6-17487 P, McDonnell Douglas CSD#1, AMS1526C, AMCOM Approved.

Compatible Cleaning Solutions

Aerogreen products are compatible with Lacquers, Acrylic Enamels, Fast Drying Coatings, Solvent Based Finishes / Primers, Metal Finishes, Polyurethanes, Sealers, Clear Coats, Powder Coatings, Military Coatings, Water Reducible Finishes and primers, Epoxy Finishes, Acrylic Latex, Plastic Finishes, Pigmented Topcoats. The product is developed specifically to clean surfaces before painting and will not leave a soapy residue behind that interferes with coating adhesion.


Rust Remover and Metal Prep

Rust remover and metal prep quickly remove rust and clean and profile metal surfaces, such as steel, cast iron, galvanized metals, zinc, and highly polished aluminum, preparing the surfaces prior to painting. The products have no VOC, removes rust while profiling, quickly and efficiently etches metal surfaces, has non-toxic ingredients, reduced hazardous chemical exposure, all leading to increased efficiency and reduced labor requirements