Military Tools & Equipment Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning military tools and equipment is critical to maintaining operational readiness and ensuring optimal performance in diverse environments. The varied nature of military equipment demands specialized cleaning protocols.

Challenges in Military Tools & Equipment Cleaning

Combustion, friction, lubricants grabbing dirt, and grime are common reasons the equipment and tools attract heavy cleaning needs. Further, they are exposed to harsh climatic conditions, generating rust, corrosion, and other challenges.

Reliable & Efficient Cleaning Solutions

Engineered for excellence and unwavering durability, the Aerogreen Speciality Cleaners provide strength and better military tools and equipment functionality.

Environmental-Friendly Cleaning Products

 We assist the military with customized and sustainable cleaners to ensure the tools remain durable and operational.

Cleaning Military Gear for Optimal Readiness

 Our performance is backed strongly by our research capabilities and tested methodologies. We provide high-performance solutions for Military tools and equipment.


Paint Preparation

Aerogreen paint prep is the best way of cleaning metal of oils, dirt, grease, waxes, polishing compounds, salts, soluble oils, drilling and cutting compounds, and other surface contaminants that will prevent the coatings from adhering to metal surfaces as outlined in SSPC-SPI international standards.

Rust Remover & Metal Prep

Aerogreen rust remover and metal prep is a concentrated, water-reducible phosphoric acid and detergent blend formulated to remove rust, clean metal surfaces, and profile steel, cast iron, galvanized metals, zinc, and highly polished aluminum before painting. It is an ideal product to prepare the metal surface before applying protective coatings.


Parts Washer Degreaser

Aerogreen parts washer degreaser is a state-of-the-art, water-based cleaning agent used in cold parts and heated spray cabinet washers. It is an environmentally safe drop-in replacement for hazardous solvents and is designed to provide superior cleaning of weapons systems, engine support equipment, and automotive components.