Assurance of Reliability, Sustainability, and Safety

Sustainability is our priority. Aerogreen's eco-friendly, effective cleaning solutions are authorized for military purchase through the DLA. Focusing on performance and environmental responsibility, we offer solutions that enable the highest performance and cleanliness for military facilities, aircraft, vehicles, and equipment.

Safety & Cleaning Challenges in The Military Environment

No matter how big the challenge! Whether focused on maintaining the aircraft, vehicles & equipment, or the appearance of the facilities, Aerogreen solves complex challenges, achieving interoperability, operational efficiency, and personnel safety.

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Unparalleled Performance and Precision

As an experienced partner, Aerogreen is ready to tackle technical challenges together. We have the resources, certifications, and expertise to deliver specialty cleaning solutions on time and on budget that meet the military's evolving requirements.

Cleaning Solutions To Support The Lifecycle of Complex Military Environment

 Aerogreen products allow for a 95% reduction in VOCs while providing residue-free cleaning performance than the harmful cleaning solvent solutions such as Acetone, MEK, and TSP they were designed to replace. Aerogreen Specialty Cleaners meet or exceed the accepted criteria set forth by the DLA (Defense Logistics Agency)

Advanced Cleaning Formulas for The Military

We embed our expertise in tailored solutions that drive operational efficiency. We work side-by-side with you to deliver the best eco-friendly solutions that help you address your biggest priorities.


Advanced Formulations

Aerogreens prioritizes research and development to create cutting-edge formulations explicitly designed for military applications. These formulations are tailored to address the military's requirements and criteria for cleaning and maintenance.


High Performance Solutions

The military cleaning products are engineered for top-tier performance. They are designed to effectively remove harsh contaminants and residues commonly found in military environments, ensuring that equipment and facilities remain in optimal condition.


Safety Compliance

We prioritize safety and environmental compliance. Military cleaning products adhere to strict regulatory standards, ensuring they can be used in military environments without compromising safety or environmental concerns.